Welcome to the Digital Ceiling

Boost efficiency and user experience, reduce energy usage and be ready for tomorrow


With a ‘digital ceiling’ approach, it becomes possible to provide the services building occupants and managers will need in the near future and for years to come, in a way that enhances user experience while reducing energy usage. Basically, a data/power/control network is connected throughout an entire building via an overhead honeycomb configuration offering a significant number of (powered) connection points. In this way, devices can be linked to building automation. Network switches, sensors, controls, WLAN access points and other distributed building services are simply pugged in and immediately powered and connected to the network. One benefit this offers is the possibility to use a universal building control language for apps and ceiling-mounted devices.


In conjunction with the established LANactive FTTO concept, a maximum performance and flexibility of the IT infrastructure is guaranteed.

The core component is the Nexans Ethernet switch, designed especially for Digital Ceiling applications:

  • features 2x 10 Gbps SFP+ uplinks
  • 4x MultiGigabits access ports for connection of bandwidth consuming applications and
  • additional 4x Gigabit access ports for connecting further IP equipment such as monitoring cameras, intelligent lighting or building systems (Smart Building) are available
  • access ports are featured with PoE++ with up to 90W.