Launch ENSPACE indoor MPO-MPO Pre-Terms


Nexans is pleased to announce the extension of its LANmark-OF ENSPACE Pre-Terms portfolio with the addition of ENSPACE Indoor MPO-MPO Pre-Terms.  These Pre-Terms are optimised for rapid installation in data centres.

These 12 core Pre-Terms are based on a double jacket indoor cable.  Between the data centre racks the double jacket provides a strong protection of the fibres. Between the cable gland and the MPO connector the outer jacket is removed, and the remaining single jacket is flexible and easy to arrange inside the patch panels.

The double jacket cable has a high fire performance: B2cas1ad0a1.The Pre-Terms are delivered with cable glands that allow a solid fixing in the slots of the LANmark-OF patch panels. For short runs, which are very common in data centres, the Pre-Terms are laid out inside cable trays.  Installation time and waste is reduced as there is no need to remove a pre-installed pulling eye.

For longer runs a detachable pulling bag is available.  The cable gland and fan-out are put inside the bag.  The bag is closed with a zip.  As the cable gland is connected to the aramid yarns, and the pulling bag is fixed behind the cable gland, the pulling is done on the strength elements of the cable - and not on the cable jacket.  The pulling bag can be reused resulting in an additional reduction in waste.

Certain installation types don’t use patch panels and directly connect switches and/or servers. The active devices are not located in the same rack, but are separated by several racks or even rows.  In this case ENSPACE Indoor trunks can be delivered as “patch cord” trunks.  Compared to traditional patch cords that are used for in-rack patching these Pre-Terms are more robust and have a high CPR rating.  The direct connection is well protected.  These “patch cord” trunks are delivered without cable glands and with female MPO connectors on both sides.

The multimode Pre-Terms have ultra-low loss performance, i.e. the insertion loss per MPO connection is smaller than 0,25 dB.  This allows to, either increase the number of connections in a channel for advanced applications, or to increase the reach.  The singlemode Pre-Terms have low loss performance. The insertion loss per MPO connection is smaller than 0,5 dB.

The trunks are standard available in Aqua for OM4 and Yellow for singlemode.  OM4 in Violet and OM5 in Lime Green are available on request.

Products are available as of now.