A metro line operator foils cable theft thanks to RHEYRAIL®

Sounding the alarm

Nexans RHEYRAIL uses complex, multipurpose, sophisticated protection to foil poorly trained and under-tooled criminal gangs along busy suburban lines. They enable Police to arrive at the crime scene within minutes, once the cut is detected.

Multiple defenses

RHEYRAIL® anti-theft cable discourages copper theft through hard-to-cut steel strands, insulated monitoring wires for fast detection, steel tape armoring to protect conductor and cable survey, and a heavy-duty PUR jacket to hamper sheath removal.

Logical response

Our customer uses 750 V DC traction, with two parallel 500 mm² copper cables as return current and earthing grid, much coveted by cable thieves who learned to bypass cable survey equipment. Faced with multi-million € losses, the operator invited cable companies to find a solution, but only Nexans responded. RHEYRAIL® contains hard-to-cut, fine steel wire strands at the core and outer layer; integrated monitoring wires; rugged steel-tape armoring; a tough polyurethane halogen-free sheath; and a conductor size and capacity which fully complies with standard connectors, lugs and ampacity.

Gauntlet of tests

RHEYRAIL® passed continuous-operation and short-circuit tests at maximum conductor temperature and was granted an EU patent. It was further approved by the operator and deployed in a 10-km pilot project. The customer is expected to have an annual consumption of 10-15 km to protect its investment and better ensure undisturbed operations. Nexans worked closely with him to study copper theft tactics and methods. Although RHEYRAIL® is a customized response to a specific application, a derived version could respond to other urban transport needs, where thievery is both a problem and a danger.