SAAB install first Category 7 installation in Sweden

SAAB Training Systems in Sweden

SAAB Training Systems develop high-tech simulators for military applications. For these types of applications, high volumes of data have to be transmitted in real time and often in environmental conditions which are susceptible to high levels of external electromagnetic noise.

A Nexans LANmark-7 system was chosen both for the ability to deliver high bandwidth up to 600 MHz and for the enhanced screening which will ensure reliable communications in harsh noise environments with room to expand as new technologies become available.

The installation was completed by Sandkvist Elektriska, one of Nexans global network of Certified System Installers (CSI's). To achieve the high performance which is available from a Category 7 system, the installation is of paramount importance. As this was the first Category 7 network in Sweden, Nexans provided Sandkvist with a specific Category 7 training module to ensure that the project proceded smoothly. This also enabled Nexans to provide SAAB with a 20 year Parts & Labour LANmark warranty for total peace of mind.

As a result of the training, the Sandkvist installers commented that they found the LANmark-7 products very easy to work with.


LANmark Class F has been designed to give optimal support for high speed applications such as Gigabit Ethernet and simultaneously support transmission of analogue TV-signals (CATV). The pair screening of the system allows application sharing in the same cable, e.g. telephone, fax and data. The LANmark-7 cable is specifically designed to support the exacting requirements for tomorrows protocols up to 1000 MHz, yet is fully backwards compatible with today’s needs. The STP-design of the cable keeps the individual pairs in position throughout the length of the cable resulting in stable electrical performance and greatly improved key characteristics such as NEXT, FEXT and Return Loss. LANmark-7 GG45 connectivity and patch cords are used together with the horizontal cable to install a Class F permanent link and channel specified up to 600 MHz according to ISO/IEC 11801:2002.

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