New installation and test tools for LANmark-7

The success of LANmark-7 has been accelerated by the increasing demand for 10 Gigabit technology outside the traditional Category 7 markets where installation of individually screened STP PiMF cable is less familiar. 

Installation and testing are absolutely critical for the successful implementation of Category 7 networks, and these new tools from Nexans greatly simplify this, making installation faster and increasing the consistency of terminations.


LANmark-7 Easy Termination Tool

A revolutionary assembly tool for LANmark-7 GG45 automates the removal of the pair foil and positioning of the wires in the cable holder when terminating GG45 to STP cables. This tool eliminates the biggest causes of installation failures by cutting the 4 individual foils at equal length, and makes installation even easier than it is already today. At the same time the tool ensures that the foils remain closed up to the point where they are introduced into the wire organiser of the LANmark-7 GG45 connector. This contributes to the performance obtained and improves repeatability and consistency.
The cutting blades are adjustable and replaceable. The Nexans designed tool is the first in the industry and is patent pending.

The tool is now available for order.


LANmark-7 testhead for Fluke DTX-1800

In addition to the existing approved Category 7 test tools, Nexans have now approved the Fluke DTX-1800 CableAnalyzer for certification of its LANmark-7 GG45 Class F cabling systems. In cooperation with Fluke, Nexans has developed a new GG45 Permanent Link Adapter for DTX-1800. When using this adapter, the laboratory DTX tests have demonstrated very high accuracy and repeatability.
The adapter will be available first quarter 2005 from Nexans and Fluke.

Both the new Fluke testhead and the existing LANTEK-7 GG45 adapters will be equipped with a new metallic GG45 plug to increase the lifetime of the test-heads.

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