Updated optical fibre field testing procedure

This updated edition takes into account the features of the latest generation of field testers and reflects the evolution of the fibre technology. The major changes are:

Testing Standards

  • references to the Standards have been updated.
  • we still mandate the use of the more stringent limits of ISO 14763-3:2006.
  • added reference to new ISO 61280-4-5 related to MPO link Testing.

Direction of measurement

  • LSPM: we only request uni-directional testing but bi-directional is accepted. With bi-directional testing, only the worse figure is considered.
  • OTDR: nowadays there are many different types of fibres on the market. Thereforer, Bi-directional testing is now mandatory to avoid OTDR loss measurement errors. Average trace and figures are requested and the Pass/Fail analysis will be made on the average losses.

LSPM testing procedure

  • testing of LC and SC links: testing cords must be of reference grade. The use of standard cords (including Nexans ones) is no longer accepted.
  • testing equipment must be equipped with EF compliant sources.
  • the use of the one-cord reference method is mandatory for testing of SC and LC links.
  • two-cords and three-cords methods are not accepted.
  • MTP link testing
    • the loss limits have been updated.
    • the number of MPO testers on the market is dwindling. We recommend using a standard (LC) tester together with MTP/LC fanouts.
    • we accept one-cord reference method using Nexans MTP PRO testing cords.
    • testing of MPO trunks are a complex matter. Contact us before proceeding!

OTDR testing procedure

  • Bi-directional measurement is now required.

Testing equipment

  • non-intelligent test equipment is not accepted anymore.
  • a restricted list of accepted testing tools (LSPM and OTDR) is now included.