Nexans LANactive Zero-Touch Configuration

A software-defined network based on LANactive GigaSwitches and NEXMAN Controller


In a traditional fibre or copper network, each network switch needs to be configured manually. This can be a lengthy process, prone to human error. Nexans LANactive Zero-Touch Configuration is a contemporary way of designing, building and operating networks with minimum effort.

The use of LANactive GigaSwitches together with the NEXMAN Controller configuration and management software ensures networks are flexible and scalable. The main configuration is carried out once and performed centrally. It’s not necessary to pre-configure the LANactive GigaSwitches as these will be automatically configured during initial installation.


After connecting a Nexans LANactive GigaSwitch to a network segment, the switch will automatically link to its controller to receive provisioned firmware and configuration. In addition, the NEXMAN controller offers enhanced security features for the network.



• Time-consuming pre-configuration of switches is no longer required

• Automatic Firmware upgrade if necessary

• Pre-defined configurations for different device groups

• Vast time savings during installation

• Easy expansion of the FTTO network

• Extended network security - only predefined switches allow network access


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