Power Supply Concepts for FTTO - Central and Decentralized Power Supplies Compared– A Guide to Planning

When planning modern LAN infrastructures, bandwidth, redundancy and flexibility are the main priorities.



However, in today’s networks, there are far more aspects to consider than just these. Planning for the most efficient and safe power supply is becoming increasingly important. That’s largely because today's LAN infrastructures are also, to an increasing extent, energy networks, connecting an ever-increasing number of compatible devices.

Looking at the various options for implementing a LAN infrastructure, the Fibre To The Office (FTTO) concept offers great advantages, in many cases. This is due to the holistic approach as well as the great flexibility provided in terms of bandwidth and redundancy. The FTTO concept supports various requirements in the areas of redundancy, utilization, scalability and reserves. However, intelligent concepts for an efficient power supply are also an integrated part of the concept.

This document is aimed at planners and consultants as well as network administrators and explains various solutions for power supply concepts in an FTTO network.