LANactive Fibre To The Office Switch and Fabric Attach functionality from Extreme Networks

Redundancy and Cascading in Software Defined Networks (SDNs)

Thanks to the implementation of Fabric Attach, Nexans LANactive combines the advantages of FTTO with Extreme Networks Fabric Connect and can be integrated in the Extreme Networks Automated Campus network solutions.

The core network component of Extreme Networks Automated Campus Network Solutions is Fabric Connect, an innovative implementation of Shortest Path Bridging (SPB), a technology based on two robust and proven technology components: Ethernet and IS-IS. In addition to being a more complex multiprotocol, Fabric Connect is a fully automated and virtualized multi-service and multitenant core with zero-touch configuration. Extreme Fabric Connect enables rapid deployment, configuration, troubleshooting, and failover. Even large, complex networks can be set up and operated with comparatively little effort, organized and possibly restructured.

With Fabric Attach, non-Fabric Connect systems can be incorporated into the topology and become part of the Extreme Networks Automated Campus. For more information on the Extreme Automated Campus, visit the Extreme Networks website: .

By combining link aggregation with Fabric Attach and the possibility of additional cascading, Nexans LANactive creates a unique solution.The redundant connection of the FTTO switches enables a highly available network with simultaneous doubling of the available bandwidth. To obtain high-density topologies, FTTO switches can be cascaded without sacrificing high availability and bandwidth.

A general note on Interoperability

LANactive switches and protocols are interoperable with offerings from other switch manufacturers and work with third party non-Ethernet devices. LANactive also offers full interoperability with various network management systems.