Slimflex Cat 6A: achieve double density in data centres

Save up to 50% space in data centre installations with Nexans' Slimflex Category 6A solution. This new copper range consists of a 48 port panel, Slimflex cords and Cat 6A connectors. Once installed the result is a neat and cleaned up high density installation.

Slimflex Cat6A panel

How to achieve 50% space savings in a data centre rack?
Nexans' fully metal patch panel allows you to install up to 48 Category 6A RJ45 snap-in connectors in a single height unit. Slimflex cords, organised in 2 orderly bundles of 24, connect the high density panel to a 48 port switch. With their 4.5mm diameter and AWG30 wire size these highly bendable Slimflex cords improve airflow, reduce congestion and create a neat look & feel.

Easy installation with Latch-Up / Latch-Down feature
You can easily patch up to 48 Slimflex cords as the 24 connectors in the panel's top row are installed with their latches upwards whereas the 24 in the bottom row have theirs facing down. Moreover, the port numbers remain visible as they are located on the opposite side of the latch.

Can I use Slimflex cords outside of the data centre space?
Yes. Slimflex cords, with their smaller diameter, can also be used in an enterprise environment, specifically in meeting rooms or as consolidation points in cable ducts, false floors or under ceilings.