Launch OM4 solutions for Data Centres in violet

Nexans adds OM4 products in violet colour to its range

NCS OM4 Violet 2
Nexans is pleased to announce the extension of its data centre portfolio with OM4 products in violet colour next to the existing aqua colour. Data centre managers can now opt for different colours for loop A and the redundancy loop B for their network. Another option is to use different colours for different protocols (example: Aqua for Ethernet and Violet for Fibre Channel). In addition, OM4 in violet has become the defacto industry standard in certain regions.
New connectivity products in violet are:

  • ENSPACE MTP-LC modules, LC and MTP adaptor modules
  • Plug&Play LC adaptor modules for 12LC and 24LC

Following LANmark-OF Pre-Terms and patch cords having a violet coloured jacket are:

  • LANmark-OF ENSPACE Pre-Term Trunk LC/LC
  • LANmark-OF ENSPACE Pre-Term Trunk MTP/MTP
  • LANmark-OF ENSPACE Patching Assemblies LC/LC
  • LANmark-OF MTP/MTP patch cords
  • LANmark-OF ENSPACE patch cords

Products are available as of now.