Launch OM5 solutions for Data Centres

Nexans adds OM5 connectivity and Pre-terms to its product portfolio

Nexans has extended its Data Centre portfolio with OM5 fibre connectivity and Pre-terms.

What is OM5?
Data centres have to cope with rapidly growing amounts of data that need to be processed and stored at higher speeds. OM5 addresses this need. Formerly known as Wideband Multimode Fibre (WBMMF), OM5 multimode fibre is designed for installation in data centres requiring high speed 40G, 100G to 400G applications. OM5 uses Short Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SWDM) technology and consists of a cabling infrastructure based on LC connectivity.

Nexans' OM5 portfolio
The following connectivity and Pre-Term products are now available in lime green colour:

  • LANmark-OF LC/LC and MTP/MTP Pre-Terms
  • LANmark-OF ENSPACE LC adaptor modules
  • LANmark-OF ENSPACE MTP-LC modules
  • LANmark-OF ENSPACE DLC-DLC patch cords
  • LANmark-OF LC pigtails

Note: LANmark-OF OM5 Micro-Bundle Universal cables were already released end 2017.