MTP PRO fibre connector for Data Centres

MTP PRO functionality is based on Nexans know-how

Nexans is pleased to launch a new fibre connector, MTP* PRO, as part of its extended offer for data centres. MTP PRO is a push pull connector allowing for easy on-site polarity and gender change using a tool.  

MTP PRO: an on-site problem solver
Both in new and legacy projects MTP PRO ensures that any polarity and gender issues that occur in the field can be solved quickly, preventing projects being delayed. For new projects there's usually a clear understanding what polarity scheme is to be used and where male and female connectors are located. Here MTP PRO is useful when on-site the wrong gender or polarity is delivered. And in legacy projects problems usually arise when polarity and gender schemes aren't well understood of suffer from changes due to new applications.

50% stock reduction on MTP-MTP patch cords
Stock of MTP-MTP patch cords can be reduced by 50% for projects that require parallel optics and use female-female trunks as only one type of cord is needed as opposed to two (female-male and male-male). Changes in polarity and gender are mainly required for MTP-MTP patch cords. These will now be fitted with MTP PRO connectors.

MTP-MTP trunks will continue to have the traditional MTP connectors, but MTP PRO connectors will be available as an option. A final benefit of the MTP PRO is when testing MTP-MTP links. If the gender of the test heads and MTP trunks are different the recommended reference measurement cord can't be used. Test leads equipped with MTP PRO connectors solve this issue.
*MTP is a trade name of US Conec