Cabling tenderbooks for Enterprise, Data Centres & FTTO

Dec 2020 edition modular tenderbooks for every environment

You can find here the most up-to-date Nexans modular tenderbooks for cabling installations in Enterprise, Data Centres and Fibre To The Office (FTTO) environments. Modern cabling installations often use a wide variety of products depending on specific needs.
These tenderbooks help designers to quickly and easily build a tailored project response that match these unique requirements. Each tenderbook is available in English and French.

December 2020 updates

  • new products & accessories added with reference to latest ISO/IEC & EN standards
  • generic descriptions updated
  • many pictures, drawings and tables added
  • possibility to remove detailed pieces of information
  • every product's subchapters contains pictures, part numbers & product desriptions
  • inclusion of additional CPR chapter & text blocks for all concerned products


Multi-level list and outline mode

Each tenderbook:

  • consists of a single file containing all possible versions
  • uses the mult-level list feature of MS Word for all the chapters and subchapters
  • offers possibility to remove (sub)chapters using the ‘outline view’ mode of MS Word
  • comes with a quick userguide explaining the process