Launch OM5 Wide-Band Multimode Fibre

OM5 fibre cables for enterprise and data centre installation available

Nexans is pleased to announce the launch of the recently standardised OM5 multimode fibre for high speed networks.
OM5 fibres are specified in the upcoming versions of the IEC and ISO 11801 standards as an additional multimode fibre for Enterprise and Data Centre networks. Recognised now by ISO OM5 fibre offers a new LC based migration concept.
This fibre is optimised for short division multiplexing and allows multiple short wavelengths in the 850-950nm range. Unlike OM3 and OM4 fibres, which are only optimised at 850nm, OM5 fibres can carry at least four wavelengths, hereby quadrupling the capacity.
OM5 is targeted at upcoming high speed applications for 40G/100G and 200G that will use Shortwave Wavelength Division Multiplexing (SWDM).  The result is a cable infrastructure based on LC connectivity as opposed to the existing protocols that require parallel optics with MTP-connectivity.

OM5 fibre is designed to provide backwards compatibility with OM4, with a similar modal bandwidth of 4700MHz at 850nm.
Its 50µm core offers a user friendly solution for installation in data centres and enterprise with regards to connectivity, maintenance and cleaning.
Nexans OM5 cables are available on request.