Launch fibre cables with highest CPR fire performance class

Launch Micro-Bundle Universal cable range with B2ca CPR rating

Nexans introduces a new Micro-Bundle cable range meeting the B2ca s1,d0,a1 level according to the CPR regulation.

B2ca is the highest performance level for permanent cables to be installed in buildings featuring the lowest level for smoke and acidity emission. Furthermore no flaming droplets are generated minimising the risk of starting new fires. These cables are ideal for installation in critical areas such as Data Centres and risers where chimney effect could create fast flame spread.

These cables can be installed indoor as well as outdoor in a duct. The fibre count is up to 48 fibres in Singlemode and Multimode. Its structure is made out of 4 Micro-Bundles surrounded by watertight glass yarns and a LSZH outer sheath. The glass yarns reinforcement provides rodent protection.

The new cable will have the following outer sheath colours:

  • Yellow for Singlemode fibre
  • Aqua for Multimode fibre in OM3 or OM4

Two structures are available:

  • 1 Micro-Bundle for 6 and 12FO,
  • 2 or 4 Micro-Bundles (modularity of 12FO) for 24 and 48 fibres.

The new cable has a reduced size and the tensile force has been adapted according to its lighter weight compared with the previous MBUN cables. The current MBUN cable will be phased out, starting this summer.