Online Link Warranty now available for Category 6A

Instant self certification warranty for standard copper installations

Nexans is pleased to announce that the online 'Link Warranty' service has been expanded to include Category 6A in addition to the existing support for Category 5e and Category 6 installations. 

The 'Link Warranty'  tool has proven to be a popular service which enables any installer to provide an instant, self-certified warranty certificate for standard copper installations. 
As new generations of Wireless Access Points (WAP) are now generating network bandwidth in excess of 1Gbps, Category 6A with its higher capacity of 10Gbps, is no longer only seen as a solution for large enterprise or data centres, but is frequently being used in smaller projects and for 'day-to-day' installations.

The change makes it fast and simple for any installer using LANmark-6A to instantly generate an online warranty certificate for their client.