FIBREROUTE Trunking System

Fibre protection for high density data centres

FIBREROUTE is a dedicated, rigid, fibre optic pathway. It protects cables and links and helps maintain high-speed transmission. 

Data centre pathway systems are complex and need to support multiple services. Fibre cabling in particular is more vulnerable and needs to be protected from potential damage whilst remaining accessible. It is therefore considered best practice, and recommended by both TIA and ISO, that fibre cabling should be routed in dedicated separate pathways, away from other services.

FIBREROUTE provides:

  • Easy Access - Enables Moves, Adds & Changes
  • End-to-End Protection - cables protected from damage throughout
  • Robust - manufactured from tough plastic
  • Easy to handle - lightweight for easy transport and installation
  • No sharp edges - no danger of damaging cables on cut metal edges
  • Managed Bend Radii - cable bend radius maintained throughout
  • Covers - to keep out dirt and dust
  • Adaptors - compatible with other fibre trunking systems