Smart Choices for Enterprise Infrastructure

Three steps to empower your LAN

The needs of the enterprise LAN are changing.
A gigabit network running over Category 6 copper cable may suffice for many office applications but the exponential growth in content, building automation, facilities management, and the Internet of Things raises new challenges.
more WiFi...
More data is being transmitted over wireless devices.  Wireless bandwidth is already heading towards 10G speeds and next generations will be even faster, driving higher bandwidth wired connections for the access points. And as bandwidth increases, the effective WiFi range is reduced, meaning more access points need to be installed.
more POWER...
Many of these connected devices are being powered using Power over Ethernet, driving higher wattage over the data cabling, increasing power losses, heat generation, and reducing energy efficiency.

To help you make the smart choices needed, Nexans recommends you consider three steps ...

  1. the needs of the PEOPLE & DEVICES using the network
  2. the BUILDING ENVIRONMENT to take account of the distances, space, or fire performance
  3. the NETWORK FLEXIBILITY required to accommodate possible future changes and ease of management.

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