Solution for IP Video Surveillance, Security and Building Management Systems

LANactive Industry

Implementing, monitoring and maintaining a complex network is difficult enough. There are many examples of mission-critical applications and IP video surveillance and security area is one of them – “Safe City” projects, highway traffic monitoring or transport infrastructure at the airport, railway station or a sports sites. If such network goes down, this can result in serious issues, damages or life-threatening situations. As a result, requirements for such networks are significantly higher than the ones for networks in a ‘normal’ office environment.

LANactive Industry solution

For over 25 years Nexans has been developing solutions for harsh environments of many mission critical applications, including managed industrial Ethernet switches as well as extensive range of passive components. Positioned as a One Stop Shop, Nexans presents LANactive Industry solution which helps build and manage highly available, secure and robust networks for harsh environments of IP video surveillance, security and building management systems:

  • intelligent industrial switches and accessories;
  • wide copper and fibre cabling offer including their industrial variants;
  • configuration and management software for the switches;
  • support services and trainings

Your benefits:

  • Maximum reliability and longest life time in harsh environments
  • Network availability for mission critical applications
  • Network security
  • No separate power cabling needed to power end devices
  • Flexibility
  • Easy maintenance
  • Independency of any hardware supplier
  • Compliance with specific industry standards
  • First time right solution