Secure Lock Copper Cords - LANmark-6A

Category 6A added to range of locking cords

Nexans is pleased to announce the launch of an extension to the range of Secure Lock Copper Cords.

The new range of LANmark-6A lockable screened cords is designed to meet the needs of applications such as:

  • Theft prevention (hotels/schools/libraries)
  • Critical circuit protection
  • Patch cord availability (meeting rooms)
  • Resilient copper links between FTTO switches
  • Connection of IP security cameras

Each cord comes preassembled with two locking boots colour matched to a key. Once installed the cord is locked in place and the latch is inaccessible. The cord can only be disconnected when the matching key is used to unlock the boot.

The standard boot is an attractive clear moulding matching the clear RJ 45 plug. There are 5 other colours available.

The standard cord colour is orange with grey as an option.

Standard cords are stocked in lengths of 1, 2, 3 & 5m - other lengths are available.

Cable colour, boot colour and length options are subject to MoQ and leadtime.

Products are IN STOCK and available NOW.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information.