CeBIT : Smart Choices for your Digital Infrastructure

Nexans will launch its latest innovations to accommodate the changing role of data centres at CeBIT 2016

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CeBIT in collaboration with DatacenterDynamics is back for the 2nd annual DCD at CeBIT -delivering the world's largest full-stack data centre event onto CeBIT's international stage in 2016.

Under the title "Smart Choices for your Digital Infrastructure" Nexans will showcase its latest data centre innovations.

In Hall 12 - booths C17/1 and 2 - you can see our latest LANmark-7A  and LANmark-8 solutions that supports respectively 25Gb/s and 40Gb/s Ethernet as well as our ultra high density fibre solutions LANmark ENSPACE.

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Listen to our presentation(s) at the DCD main stage:
- Tuesday, 15. March 2016 14:15 - 14:45 by Oene-Wim Stallinga, Marketing Director
- Thursday, 17. March 2016 11:30 - 12:00 by Rob Cardigan, Senior Product Manager
Abstract of the presentation:
Your data centre is a key part of successfully transforming and building your digital business. The challenge today is to create a highly reliable, flexible, scalable and cost-effective digital infrastructure.  Your cabling system is an important element in the creation of that infrastructure. This technology brief outlines the smart choices to be made in order to build and run a highly available, resilient and efficient digital infrastructure whilst remaining cost-effective.

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