Fibre Testing & Cleaning - New Procedures & Tools

Best practice to ensure successful implementation

As bandwidth requirements continue to grow, optical loss budgets have dramatically decreased. As a consequence, installers now face the challenge of testing and certifying optical links against very low loss limits.

To ensure that the required performance levels are achieved during commissioning and operation, the cleanliness of all fibre interface connections is vital, including correct cleaning practice prior to installation of patchcords.

Nexans has therefore released some tools and documentation to help ensure that our partners and all concerned follow recommended best practices for fibre inspection and cleaning.

The following tools and documents are available:

"OF connector inspection, cleaning and testing guidelines"
An updated document detailing best practices and new cleaning tools and procedures for MPO

"Fibre field testing procedure"
An updated guide on field testing

Updated training modules
Existing training presentations have been updated to ensure that latest changes and best practices are covered during new or refresher training sessions.

Short webinars have been recorded in 2015/2016 as part of the 'Cabling Cafe' webinar series covering:

  • Fibre Cleaning
  • Fibre Testing

Follow the links below to view the recordings.

We strongly encourage all of our partners to acquire the recommended inspection & cleaning tools and to apply these guidelines in all circumstances to ensure successful implementation and ongoing network performance.