New design guidelines for LANmark-6A

Shorter patch cords and CP lengths now supported

Previously we already supported shorter lengths than the requirements defined within ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173 and TIA/EIA 568 allowing 1m work area cords instead of 2m in 3 or 4 connector channels, and 5m FD-CP links instead of 15m.

Our new LANmark-6A guidelines now support even shorter patch cords and CP lengths, which is particularly beneficial for data centres where often very short channels need to be installed.

We can now guarantee patch cord lengths down to 0.3m in the work area and the patching zone for 2 connector channels, and down to 0.5m for 3 and 4 connector channels, with a minimum CP cord length of 3m instead of 5m.
This brings the minimum total supported channel lengths down to:

  • 5.6m  for a 2 connector channel
  • 9m     for a 3 connector channel
  • 12m   for a 4 connector channel

For full details download the design guide below.