A clean drinking water-energy solution in Vietnam thanks to the Nexans Foundation and the Green ID NPO

This project, presented by the Nexans teams of Singapore and Vietnam, has been supported by the Nexans Foundation; we thank our teams for their involvement in this project for communes.

Water-energy solution in Vietnam


Hai Ly commune in Vietnam is one of the six coastal communes and towns of Hai Hau district where the people are frequently and severely affected by typhoons and other climate related hazards as it has hollow terrain with 100% of its area below sea level. It is also located in the coastal border area with 3.2 km of sea dike. The commune has a total area of 594.4ha and a population of 9,852 people (see map).


When a typhoon or storms happens, Hai Ly commune is affected by both typhoon itself and by flooding since the area lies lower than the national road and the sea dike. The threat of the sea dike breaking due to climate change is the biggest concern and threat for local people. Due to the coastal erosion, mangrove forest could not develop to help prevent the disaster. At present the commune is lacking systems to alarm its citizens. The livelihoods of the citizens are seriously affected, since they are dependent on aquaculture and salt harvesting. After typhoons they cannot make money for some weeks, as they have to recover from the disaster while the communication with outside is also interrupted due to power cut. Especially, it is very difficult for the villagers to get safe drinking water, since water has to be pumped from deep wells, has to be collected from rainwater, or has to be bought in the market at a relatively high price. Household waste is collected, but it is dumped untreated in the commune’s open landfill, causing pollution around the landfill.

A clean drinking water-energy solution
That is why Green ID, a Vietnamese NPO, decided to develop a clean drinking water solution using reverse osmosis technology (RO) and solar PV power. This green water-energy solution, already installed in another commune, is highly appreciated by local authorities and villagers.

The proposed solutions to meet the drinking water need for Hai Ly community comprise two components:

Component 1: Clean drinking water treatment applying Reverse Osmosis technology with the capacity of 750 l/h. It is estimated that this system should provide enough clean drinking water for the need of whole community and it can easily be maintained by local people. Following strictly the operation principle, the quality of the product is competitive with well labeled bottled water in the market but with the price twice time lower than a 20 l bottle.

Component 2: Solar PV system with a capacity of 1,500W connected to the grid to ensure the stable power supplied for the water treatment system. Power generated from the solar PV is mainly served for the operation of water treatment system. In case the solar power is less than the system needs, the grid will provide additional resources. When the water treatment system does not operate, the solar power can be also used for other usage at the office such as lighting, cooling or be stored in the battery system to use in case of power cut or disaster. So the added value of this system is that it helps to ensure the smooth communication in emergency case especially during the disaster time but does not require fuel.


RO System Solar power and battery system

RO System

Solar power and battery system


These solutions will from now achieve the 2 following objectives:

  • To improve communes’ access to clean drinking water using friendly environmental water and energy technologies
  • To strengthen the communes’ resilience to disasters and climate change impacts.


inauguration Clean drinking water

The inauguration ceremony of this project took place on November 25, 2014, with the participation of Mr Pham Tuan NGOC, Nexans’ representative in Vietnam

Clean drinking water using friendly environmental water and energy technologies


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