Cat 8 is coming! - International Roadshow

Psiber & Nexans present seminar & workshop sessions

Nexans and Psiber Data have teamed up to deliver an international roadshow to examine the latest developments in high bandwidth copper and fibre cabling.

Seminars and workshop sessions aim to answer:

  • Next generation cabling?
  • Copper or Fibre?
  • What is happening in standardisation?
  • How does Category 8 compare with Category 7A?
  • What fibre solutions should I consider?
  • What will the cables and connectors look like?  
  • How can they be tested?

Sessions will also include hands on opportunities to try out new products from Nexans & Psiber.

Follow the links below to find out about events in your region.

 flagBE Belgium (coming soon) flagNL Netherlands
 flagFR France flagSING Singapore (coming soon)
 flagDE Germany flagUK UK