PE Sheathed Cat 6A Cable

LANmark Industry cable for harsh environments

Nexans is pleased to announce the launch of a new LANmark Industry cable.

N10i.005 – LANmark Industry S/FTP Category 6A LSZH PE

The new cable features an orange LSZH primary jacket and is over-sheathed with black PE so exhibits excellent mechanical characteristics.

Additionally the new cable has upgraded electrical performance which allows the creation of Category 6A permanent links and channels, in combination with LANmark-6A connectivity products, within industrial environments.

The PE over-sheath offers superior UV, water and moisture resistance and is suitable for outdoor installation in ducts, it can also be installed indoors if the PE outer sheath is removed. The cable is fully RoHS and REACh compliant and offers excellent EMC performance. 

The new cable will replace LANmark-6 SF/UTP LSZH/PE cable (N10i.004) which is phased out with immediate effect, and LANmark-6 SF/UTP LSZH cable (N100.632) will also be phased out once stocks are depleated.