New Fibre Installation Guides


Nexans is pleased to announce the creation of a comprehensive group of new installation guides, to assist with the correct installation of fibre cables.

The “General Installation Guide For Optical Fibre Cable” is the top level document which provides a complete set of information related to key requirements that need to be followed during the installation process.
General information related to fibre cable construction, fibre types and fibre termination are also provided.

The associated guides will provide more detailed information on handling requirements for the various cable types:

  • Tight Buffer Cable Supplement
  • Loose Tube Cable Supplement
  • Micro-bundle Cable Supplement
  • Pre-Terminated Cable Supplement

These supplements provide specific, complete and illustrated additional information related to the pulling of the cable, the stripping of the jacket and the cleaning of the fibres.

Details of recommended tooling is also provided and Nexans has developed variants of some of the more specific tooling which may be necessary to assist installers.