LAN Calculation Toolkit v1.4 released

Includes a brand new tool + updates for latest standards & products

The Nexans LAN Calculation Toolkit was created to help project designers with their planning, design and installation of a LAN infrastructure. Over the years we have added more functionality and additional language support.

v1.4 introduces a new 6th feature: the NVP Delta Calculator.

NEW : NVP Delta Calculator

The tool has two functions:

  • NVP Effect: calculates the effect of an incorrect NVP on the calculated length compared to the physical length
  • Length Accuracy: shows potential difference between the physical and calculated length

Other changes

In addition to the NVP calculator, the tool has been updated according to the latest standards and our current product portfolio.

Existing Functions

The previous existing features of the toolkit remain:

  • Power Segregation Calculator : Calculates the required distance to be maintained between data and power cables
  • Horizontal Link Length Calculator : Automatically calculates the maximum fixed link length for different configurations
  • Cable Tray Fill Calculator : Calculates the amount of cables that can fit in a cable tray
  • Stacking Height Calculator  : Calculates the maximum stacking height for cable pathway systems without continuous support
  • Fibre Cable Selection Tool : Selects the most suitable fibre cable in association with environmental conditions

Language Support

The tool supports : English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Norwegian, South African, Chinese and Korean.