New UK style modules for LANmark connectivity

Shuttered 25x50 and LJ6C, flat and angled variants

Nexans is pleased to introduce a new set of UK style modules for LANmark Snap-In connectors.

The new modules each accommodate a single LANmark Snap-In connector and are equipped with a white removable shutter which can be replaced with a coloured version in order to differentiate between various services. All modules have a smooth labelling area and a discrete Nexans logo. They are supplied in glossy white finish and are RoHS and REACH compliant.

The new range consists of 4 variants:

42431025x50mm Flat Module (N424.310)

Standard Euromod fitting

All modules can support any LANmark snap-in connector either screened or unscreened, from Cat 5e through to Cat 7A. No additional clips are required.


42431525x50mm Angled Module (N424.315)

The angled modules provide a depth benefit behind the connector to ensure the minimum bend radius of the cable is maintained. Especially recommended for high performance cabling such as Cat 6A & Cat 7A.


424320LJ6C Flat Module (N424.320)

LJ6C modules are designed for floorplates. Cut out dimensions and plate thickness are detailed on the Data Sheet


424325LJ6C Angled Module (N424.325)

Provides angled presentation where depth is restricted. Cut out dimensions and plate thickness are detailed on the Data Sheet.



All items are available with immediate effect. Note the current UK modules (N424.113, N424.213, N424.203,N424.204N) will be phased out over the next few months.