Slimflex High Density (HD) patch cords

Bend Insensitive fibre cords + easy latching + changeable polarity

Nexans announces the extension of its Slimflex bend insensitive patch cord range with two changes:

  1. A new variant for higher density - High Density (HD) Slimflex.
  2. A new connector for the existing range featuring a larger latch and changeable polarity

High Density (HD) Slimflex cords

SlimflexHD200HD Slimflex cords feature a new pull tab which allows patch cord removal even in highly populated patch panels without the need for a special tool.

Due to space constraints data centres require high density solutions. With traditional patch cords the operational efficiency is reduced since the latch of the patch cord is above the connector. In dense areas it is often impossible to reach: an additional removal tool is required. With the new pull tab design the latch is extended to the space behind the connector. In this area the pull tab can be easily accessed and the patch cord is released with a simple pull.

Traditional Slimflex - larger latch and changeable polarity

Traditional Slimflex bend insensitive patch cords, introduced last year, now feature an advanced uniboot connector with a larger latch for easier patch cord access and changeable polarity.

Slimflexpolarity200The position of the connectors inside the uniboot can be changed by opening the boot housing to change the position of the 2 connectors. A black and red plastic square has been attached to the left and the right connector for identification. For standard polarity patch cord (optical crossed) the black square is always on the same side on both ends of the patch cords. By switching the connectors on one side, the patch cord can be used for some rare legacy applications that have a non-standard polarity.

About Slimflex - the need for bend insensitive fibre in the patching zone

Patching is an operational challenge especially in data centres. Changes over time mean that the necessary bend radius for patch cords may not always be respected. This can result in increased channel losses and unexpected interruption of important applications. The introduction of the Slimflex patch cord with its very small bend radius, special jacket material and GIGAliteFLEX bend insensitive fibre reduces the risk of service failure. Slimflex patch cords support Nexans strategy to use the right fibre type at the appropriate place, using cost effective traditional fibres with large bend radius in the backbone cabling and bend insensitive fibre where it is most needed for patching. Slimflex patch cords feature a bend radius of only 7.5mm as opposed to 40mm for traditional patch cords. More on Slimflex fibre patch cords