MPO range expanded

New additions to LANmark-OF Plug&Play system

Nexans has expanded and enhanced its MPO range to meet the growing demands in data centres for 40G Ethernet and 16G  Fibre Channel.

Changes include:

  • Use of low loss MTP* connectivity
  • New 12 core pre-term solution
  • New MTP-LC patching assembly
  • 40G polarity management
  • Aqua standard colouring


Low loss MTP Connectivity

In view of the reduced optical budget for 40G Ethernet and 16G Fibre Channel, Nexans multimode MPO solutions will exclusively use advanced low loss MTP connectivity. Pricing will remain the same as the standard loss product which will be phased out. Singlemode solutions will continue unchanged. The advanced MTP design has a proven, excellent optical performance in the field that easily exceeds the low loss requirement of 0.35 dB/MTP connection.

12 Core Pre-Term MTP

Two versions of the 12 core MTP-MTP Pre-term will be introduced. The first solution is a cost effective solution for installation by laying for short distances. Compared to the existing design for short distances the cable is more robust and the Pre-Term can be fixed with a cable gland. The second solution is for installation by pulling for longer distances. This Pre-Term features a pulling eye, protective tubes and cable glands.

MTP-LC Patching Assembly

The new MTP-LC assembly is designed for high density patching zones, especially for connection to high density switches. In these cases the optimized staggered fan-out of the 12 core patch cord together with the fast installation with the Plug&Play concept allows a rapid and orderly deployment. These assemblies have a female MTP-connector that connects to the male MTP-connector inside the MTP-module. The proposed solution has a staggered left or right fan-out with the distance between subsequent uniboot connectors set to match the distance between ports on high density switches.

40G Polarity

Nexans favours the use of the same type of patch cords on both sides of the optical channel. Polarity method C continues to have broad acceptance for 10G due to its ease of implementation and operational excellence and Nexans has continued this approach for 40G. The LANmark-OF 40G patch cords have a low loss performance to meet the challenging optical budget requirements. Female-female or female-male patch cords are available depending on the configuration of the installed backbone MTP-MTP Pre-Term. 

Aqua Colouring

With the increasing acceptance of Aqua as a defacto industry standard, Nexans will migrate to this colour for the following:

  • jacket colour of the MTP-assemblies
  • MTP-connectors
  • MTP-couplers
  • LC-couplers of the MTP-module. 

* MTP is a trade name of US Conec