Copper cabling - Field Testing Update

WireXpert firmware update & approval of Fluke DSX-5000

wirexpert200Psiber Data has upgraded the software for the WireXpert. Some of the changes are relevant to LANmark-7A and require an upgrade of the firmware of the tester. For all ongoing and future certifications of LANmark-7 and LANmark-7A, please use the software version 4.9. A copy of the software can be obtained from the NCS Project team incase the software cannot be downloaded for any reason.


flukedsx200Fluke Networks recently launched a new tester called DSX-5000 with a frequency range up to 1 GHz. This tester is approved by Nexans for all LANmark Warranty purposes up to 500MHz, so up to LANmark-6A. We are cooperating with Fluke to extend the approval up to 1 GHz and to support Fluke to launch a GG45 test adapter. We expect that this work will be complete at the end of the 2013.