LANmark-OF Pigtail Sets

Sets of 12 coloured pigtails added to range

We have extended our LANmark-OF Pigtail range with the introduction of Pigtail Sets.These are available in Tight Buffer and Maxistrip versions. Fibre types are OM3, OM4 and SM.
Matching colours
Each Set of Pigtails contains 12 pigtails in different colours. These colours match exactly the colours of the fibres of a 12 core cable. Previously all pigtails inside the patch panel required careful labeling since they had all the same colour.  The use of colour for fibre identification reduces the time to identify which pigtail needs to be spliced to which fibre of the cable. The 250 µm fibre coating and 900 µm pigtail jacket have the same colour so that the pigtails can be identified even after stripping off the 900 µm jacket.

Low Loss performance

The optical performance of the pigtails delivered in Sets remains the same as for the other LANmark-OF pigtails. All LANmark-OF pigtails are low loss pigtails nowadays.

Carefully packed
All 12 pigtails are packed on a card and protected by a bubble wrap. Compared to 12 individually bagged pigtails Sets reduce time to open the package and also reduce waste on site.

The Pigtail Sets are available immediately. Download the datasheets below.