Termination Videos

Termination videos for various components can be accessed on our dedicated YouTube installer channel. (YouTube access is required).

Please note that these videos are intended as post training support and do not replace the need for training for certified installations.

YouTube Installer Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/NexansInstallers

See the table below for specific videos available

Product Type Cable Process Link
EVO Screened F1TP Termination  video
EVO Screened F1TP Uninstall  video
EVO Stranded Screened F/FTP (PiMF) Termination  video
EVO Screened F/FTP (PiMF) Termination  video
EVO Unscreened UTP Termination  video
EVO Stranded Unscreened UTP Termination  video
EVO Unscreened UTP Uninstall  video
GG45 Screened S/FTP (PiMF) Termination  video
GG45 Stranded Screened S/FTP (PiMF) Termination  video


Note : also visit our main YouTube channel