New Ruggedised Zone Distribution Box

Nexans is pleased to expand the existing range of Zone Distribution (ZD) boxes by announcing the release of the LANmark Ruggedised 12 port ZD Box.

Designed for use in industrial premises to terminate cables for automation islands, the box has a number of features which make it ideal for use in demanding environments.


  • 12 shuttered ports accepting all LANmark connectors
  • Lockable, hinged lid protects work area cord connections
  • Cable terminations secured by lid with tamper resistant screws
  • Universal UTP/FTP/Fibre design
  • Mounting for splice cassettes (cassettes not included)
  • Foam strips on all openings to minimise dust ingress
  • Port numbering
  • Accepts coloured shutters for port/circuit identification
  • White powder coated steel
  • Separate “foot” to raise box from the floor slab to minimise water ingress

In addition to the features listed, the box is also designed to facilitate installation of fibre “rings” with unobstructed left-right access for a cable to pass through whilst offering space for extractable connections and onward splicing.

Part Numbers :
N521.612   LANmark Ruggedised Lockable ZD Box 12 Port White
N521.6121 LANmark Ruggedised Lockable ZD Box Mounting Foot White