New LANmark Sliding Patch Panels

Sliding Panel Demonstration

Nexans is pleased to announce the release of two new LANmark Sliding Snap-In panels.

These new panels replace the current N521.663 part and maintain the accepted features of the old products whilst introducing a refreshed look to complement the NEW fixed panels.


The new panel design features rounded corners and a newly designed black on white numbering strip which acts as a guide for engraved or laser printed labelling. The panel retains the unique Nexans Auto-Connect and Clip-On cable retention and earthing features for rapid installation:


  • 24 shuttered ports accepting all LANmark connectors
  • Universal UTP/FTP design
  • Auto-Connect feature
  • Port numbering
  • White


Following numerous customer requests Nexans is pleased to release the sliding panel in a black version featuring 24 shuttered ports. The panel has the unique Auto-Connect feature and utilises the Clip-On cable retention and earthing system for rapid installation.

Features: as above but Black