Eco-24 packaging for LANmark connectors

Easy, Economical, Ecological - avoiding individual plastic bags

June 20, 2012 - The Eco-24 concept consists of a fold out cardboard box with a tray holding 24 connectors and a separate paper bag containing the wire organisers. Screened connectors will include two additional paper bags containing the rear EMC cover parts.

The box can easily be folded out into compartments, providing installers with easy access to all the connectors and accessories required to terminate a patch panel, whilst keeping them neatly separated from one another.

Installers will gain time by not having to open individual bags.
Eco-24 reduces waste volume and uses only cardboard and paper packing which is 100% recyclable.
LANmark-6A screened and LANmark-6 unscreened connectors will be available in Eco-24 packaging from July 2012. LANmark-7A will follow in September.
Individually bagged connectors in boxes of 24 will remain available, together with bulk packs of 100 connectors for LANmark-6A.