Nexans Launch Slimflex Fibre Patchcords

Bend insensitivity where you need it most

With increasing port density, especially in data centres, patching is critical.
Whilst backbone cabling is permanently installed and the bend radius can be controlled, in patch areas, changes over time mean that it is not always possible to ensure that the minimum bend radius for the cords will be respected. As a consequence losses can increase and applications may fail.

Slimflex patchcords are specifically designed for this environment.

Using a special jacket material and the use of GIGAlite Flex bend insensitive fibre, Slimflex patchcords are able to withstand very tight bends without signal degradation.

Although Nexans do not recommend the need for more expensive bend insensitive fibre in static backbone cabling, in the patch area the benefits are clear.

slimflex200Slimflex patch cords feature a bend radius of only 7.5mm as opposed to 40mm for traditional patch cords dramatically reducing the risk of failure due to accidental over bending where it is most likely to occur. The cords use a small round cable with a diameter of only 2.6mm which also reduces space requirements by 30% and is easier to handle as there is no preferential bending as would occur with a twin construction. The cable uses an advanced flexible sheath material featuring high abrasion resistance whilst remaining flexible and kink free but without a memory effect.

Additional features include low loss connectors with insertion loss of only 0.3dB and a reduced footprint to improve visibility in densely populated panels.