LANmark Pre-Terminated Copper Assemblies

New pre-terminated assemblies save time and resources


The space saving and installation benefits of the multipair design (top) are clearly visible when compared with single units (bottom) 

Nexans has introduced pre-terminated customised copper assemblies which enable the rapid deployment of cabling in installations where the time on site must be minimised  This is particularly desirable in the high density data centre environment. Factory termination and labelling ensure that termination procedures are consistent and reliable, and performance is  guaranteed.

Nexans offers the pre-terminated assemblies in two different cable constructions: a unique multipair design and bundled unit assemblies.

Popular in data centre applications, these assemblies are constructed using a unique Cat 6A multipair cable design which is significantly smaller than equivalent bundles of individual cables, whilst providing exactly the same full Cat 6A performance over all lengths from 5 to 90m. Volume savings of 20% can be achieved and installation costs reduced by up to 45% as there is only one cable to install and dress instead of the more common six.

Bundled Units
Assemblies are also available with bundles or 3, 4, 6, 8 or 12 individual units of  Cat6, 6A, 7 or 7A cables. Unlike most other bundled solutions where individual units are simply grouped and bound, the Nexans solution uses looms which are helically laid up to improve flexibility for easier installation. It also ensures performance is maintained and that connectors remain aligned. 

Cassette System
Both solutions feature customised labelling and packaging,  and are supported with a full range of accessories. A cassette system is also available which features a range of angled and straight panels including a high density panel offering 96 ports in 3U.