New survey shows Data Centre managers are readying themselves for the Bandwidth Boom

65% of respondents to a recent Nexans survey plan to increase bandwidth within 5 years with 57% believing that a mix of both fibre and copper is the safest route to future-proof data centres


Moore’s Law is being challenged and independent research shows that by 2017 demand for 40G is expected to exceed 10G as the standard rate of transmission between server and switch in the data centre, with 100G following soon after.

Businesses are facing increasing bandwidth requirements and a need for constant uptime. As the results from a recent Nexans survey* show, the escalating demand for bandwidth is a key concern for data centre managers, with over a quarter of respondents saying increasing volume of data in their organisation is driving the need for higher bandwidth.

Network and data centre mangers are acting quickly with 36% of survey respondents saying that they envisage stepping up to higher bandwidth in their data centre uplinks within the next two years, and 65% indicating the changes in their infrastructure will occur within the next five years.

In the enterprise environment, the rate of increase is expected to be slower but even in the office over 50% of respondents believe their existing backbones will become a bottleneck within five years.

Over half of respondents to the bandwidth survey believe that using a combination of both copper & fibre is the safest way to future-proof the data centre. “Organisations need an optimal solution of both fibre in the backbone and copper at the network edge. This will provide the most efficient infrastructure, giving the necessary longevity to a data centre that will now be expected to last for 15 to 20 years” says Harry Forbes, CTO, Nexans Cabling Solutions.

“Businesses also need to choose high quality cabling that can provide easy and efficient migration paths to predicted higher bandwidths of 40G and even 100G. The transition to 40G is likely to follow very quickly behind 10G and as our survey results demonstrate, network and data centre managers are already planning to ensure their networks have a complete cabling solution in place to meet these demands.”

*Results based on a respondent poll following Nexans’ recent webinar on ‘Planning for the Bandwidth Boom'. Nexans had 175 registrations for the webinar which was broadcast on 14 June 2011.