Nexans sets benchmark on reach capabilities for 40G/100G Ethernet

Nexans pre-terminated fibre assemblies successfully exceed 600m distance

Nexans Data Communications Competence Centre (DCCC) has recently challenged the performance boundaries of Nexans pre-terminated optical fibre assemblies, using a variety of test configurations and platforms. The results demonstrate that Nexans’ OM3 and OM4 cables consistently exceed the IEEE Standard for both 40G and 100G Ethernet by a substantial margin.

“The DCCC results are particularly noteworthy, not only for the distances achieved, but also due to the utilisation of frame error rate testing instead of the more commonly used bit error rate testing,” says Baudouin Bareel, Director Nexans Cabling Technical. “Our frame error tests run hundreds of times longer than the industry requires and our cables continue to exceed the industry standards. Using multiple connection points is also important because in real-world applications our customers need to know that our cable can perform reliably and dependably in a variety of configurations.”

During the 40G frame error rate testing using Avago 40G QSFP+ transceivers, the LANmark-OF OM3 standard fibre achieved 202 meters, which is double the reach specified by the IEEE standard. Even more impressive were the results of the OM4 tests with a 9-connector channel where the pre-terminated optical fibre assemblies successfully transmitted beyond 600 meters, more than four times the reach with more than four times the connectors specified by the IEEE. During the 100G frame testing with a 7-connector channel, a distance reach of 500m was successfully achieved.

“Obviously, we are delighted with the results,” says Joost Grillaert, Product Manager Fibre Products Nexans Cabling Solutions. “The extended reach capabilities clearly demonstrate what can be achieved when you combine our outstanding quality optical cable and connectors in support of next generation communications technologies.”

“These types of studies are part of the value that Nexans Cabling Solutions brings to the customer beyond simply the components themselves,” says Martin Rossbach, Director Nexans Product Marketing and New Developments. “The fact that our Data Communication Competence Centre successfully transmitted both 40G and 100G Ethernet to distances beyond those defined by the standard with our OM3 Pre-Term products was very positive. But more importantly, the stellar results of our OM4 grade fibre, when combined with the Avago transceivers, create a new benchmark in the industry and accentuate the superiority of our OM4 cable assemblies for higher speed Ethernet applications.”