LANmark Connectors available in Bulk Packaging

Reducing time, cost and on-site waste.

Installers and system integrators have provided us with feedback that opening individual bags of connectors on site takes a substantial amount of time, which can add extra cost, especially in large projects.

In addition, packaging is becoming an important target to reduce the amount of on-site waste.

To solve these problems we are pleased to introduce bulk packaging, initially on LANmark-6A connectors with anaerobic fibre connectors to follow shortly. This may be extended to other connectors at a later stage.

Whilst we will continue to supply individually bagged LANmark-6A connectors in boxes of 24, we will now also offer these connectors in boxes of 100.

The bulk packaging consists of a cardboard box with 4 plastic bags containing:

  • 1 large bag with 100 connectors
  • 3 small bags each containing wire organisers and the rear cover parts

To purchase please contact your local distributor.