LANmark UniBoot Patch Cords

New cords maximise performance, density, and identification.

Uniboot cords

Nexans is pleased to announce the introduction of a new series of LANmark patch cords which not only deliver ultimate channel transmission performance, but also facilitate maximum density whilst providing interchangeable coloured latch protection for easy identification.

High Density

Many of today's switches provide up to 48 ports in 1U. Although booted cords are preferred for protection, many are unsuitable for these high density applications as the boots can restrict access.

The new UniBoot range remains within the dimension of the RJ45 footprint so maximises access in tight spaces whilst still enabling the cord to be removed.    

Coloured Latch Identification

The innovative latch protector is interchangeable and available in a choice of 8 colours allowing flexibility on site for identifying different services. The colour is visible both from the sides and when viewed directly from the rear.

The protector is designed to prevent the latch being accidently snapped in the event that it gets caught. The design also enables the latch to be released from near the back of the plug making it easier to facilitate cord removal in high density environments.

Coloured latches are available separately or cords can be ordered with specific colours pre-assembled.  

Bend Relief

Bend relief has been included in the plug design by the inclusion of a specially designed curved cable entry inside the plug.


The new patch cords are available for :

  • LANmark-5 UTP & FTP
  • LANmark-6 UTP / LANmark-6 10G FTP
  • LANmark-6A FTP 

The new cords wil be phased in as stocks of the previous versions are depleted.

For full details see the product data sheets.