New Release of Nexans Visio Template software now available

v3.1 of NVT is now available for download

Nexans Visio Template (NVT) is a free software support tool which is used to create professional rack layout diagrams and then allows you to export the bill of materials to an XLS file for costing. V3.1 now also includes 3D drawings of Nexans products for use in schematics or presentations.

The Visio libraries of intelligent drawing shapes cover LANmark, essential and LANsense systems.

Features include:

  • Product Selector tool
  • BOM export to Excel
  • Custom page with border and title block
  • Intelligent Master shapes
  • "Add more" option to fill up products with their components
  • Direct hyperlinks to data sheets

NVT 3D example

NVT 3D stencil and template

Included within NVT v3.1 is a new 3D tool which includes a specific template with different drawing scales and a new library of 3D drawings of the main Nexans cabling components such as panels and cabinets. The tool is ideal for schematics and illustrations used in reports and powerpoint presentations. Isometric connection lines are included.

The tool will also automatically open the standard Visio 3D stencils (depending on the version of your MS Visio software) to provide the user with a broad collection of 3D shapes.

NVT works under MS Visio 2003SP2 and 2007. MS Visio is becoming more and more popular and provides an easy, complete, and cost effective solution to create business and technical visual diagrams.