Network Design Calculation Toolkit v1.1 Update

v1.1 now available with multi-language support


Calculation Toolkit

This new downloadable application is provided to assist in the planning, design, and installation of LAN cabling calculations.

v1.1. is now available in  English,  French, German,Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Swedish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean

The tool includes:

Cable Tray Fill Calculator
Calculates the number of cables that fit a cable tray/basket depending on type of cable and size of cable pathway.

Optical Fibre Cable Selection Tool
Selects the most suitable fibre cables based on different environmental conditions.

Power Segregation Calculator
Calculates the required distances to be respected between data and power cables.

Horizontal Link Length Calculator
Automatically calculates maximum fixed link lengths for different configurations.

Stacking Height Calculator
Calculates the maximum depth of cable that should be installed in cable tray/basket providing non-continuous support.

Download the toolkit from the Network Design Tools page by following the link below.

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To register follow the instructions that appear after clicking the 'Toolkit' click.