Nexans ‘Plug & Play’ MPO Optical Fibre Solution For Data Centres

In answer to the increasing demand for fast installation in data centres, Nexans has developed an MPO pre-terminated optical fibre solution.

MPO Pre-terminated solution for data centres

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Nexans MPO system consists of 3 subcomponents: the Plug & Play patch panel, the MPO cassette and the MPO Pre-Term assembly made to customer specifications.  The 12 fibre Pre-Term is quickly connected to the cassette and the latter mounted in the patch panel.

Specially designed for data centres

High density is achieved using up to 4 MPO cassettes in the sliding patch panel to provide 96 LC connections in 1HU. Instead of flat ribbon style cables the Nexans system uses 2.5mm round pre-term cables. These have no preferential bending and are therefore easier to handle and reduce the space required. The advanced patch cord management of the patch panel eliminates the need for an additional patch cord guide. 

Fast and easy installation

Installation and maintenance is very effective and only requires one type of cassette and patch cord on each side of the channel. The simple Pre-Term system requires no special training. By removing the need for conventional fusion splicing on-site installation time is reduced by up to 80%.