New Fluke Cat 7 Test Solution for GG45

GG45 channel adapter now available for DTX-1800

Based on our new PCB 8-pin GG45 jack, Fluke Networks has developed a Cat.7 channel adapter for the DTX-1800 tester enabling field certification of GG45 installations.

The Fluke Channel Adapter can be used in combination with a Nexans Cat 7 measurement cord (N900.679). The appropriate test limit is ISO 11801 Class F Channel.

Laboratory tests in Nexans Competence Centre, Buizingen, have demonstrated excellent consistency with Network Analyser results and have confirmed the accuracy to be better than 2dB. This exceeds the Level IV accuracy standard and provides a reliable fi eld testing solution for LANmark-7 cabling systems.

Channel Adapters allow measurement of a Cat 7 node at much lower cost than permanent link testing. Due the fact that test plugs wear out and have to be replaced after ~750-1000 measurements, test adapters have to be exchanged frequently. Using channel testing only the patch cords, which are available at a fraction of cost compared to Permanent Link adapters, have to be replaced.

With this new adapter, all 3 major field test manufacturers (Agilent, Ideal and Fluke) now support GG45. Installers can now use the same test device for Cat.6 and Cat.7, just by exchanging the test adapter, thereby removing the need for “special” test equipment for Cat.7.

The Channel adapters are available now from Fluke Networks.

  • DTX-CHA012S : GG45 Channel Adapter Set
  • DTX-REFMOD : Reference Module

The Measurement cords are available in stock from Nexans.

  • Part Number : N900.679

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