New LANmark Warranty

New LANmark Warranty Submission Form

Warranty certification is the final stage in a total project guaranteeing the performance of the installation and quality of the products to the Cabling System owner.

We are proud to launch our new LANmark/LANconnect Warranty application system.
A new submission form is available from our File library in the 'application form' subfolder under Warranty. Please find the link in the 'Related Information' section below.
This form harmonises both LANmark and LANconnect warranty certification processes to one single simplified process.
Languages other than English are also available in the form and can be easily selected from the dropdown list in the opening tab.

Following steps must be taken into consideration when applying for a warranty certificate:
· Use one submission form per cabling system type
· Complete the mandatory fields indicated by a '#' in the form
· Use the “other” column if an item is not available from the dropdown list
· Do not forget to include your company’s unique CSP number
· Include the test results in the correct file format according to our Field test procedures

Make sure to consult our Field test procedures, available from the website, to understand which tester and method is accepted for testing each system.
The Warranty requests sent by e-mail are processed automatically, this allows us to produce the certificate in a short timeframe or reply promptly in case of missing information.
Make sure to use our general warranty e-mail address for any of your queries related to LANmark/LANconnect Warranty Certification.

For our Essential product range a separate Link performance conformity certificate can be obtained on-line by clicking the link to the Nexans Link Certificate below.

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