TNK-BP selects LANsense for its headquarters in Moscow

High performance structured cabling and LANsense intelligent network installed at flagship headquarters in Moscow

TNK-BP is Russia's third largest vertically integrated oil and gas company. It was formed in late 2003 as a result of the merger of the Russian companies Tyumen Oil Company and Sidanco with many of BPs oil and gas assets in Russia and Ukraine.

The newly formed company TNK-BP moved into their new headquarters in the Arbat Centre in Moscow in October 2004.  TNK-BP recognized that the latest cabling infrastructure would provide significant advantages in supporting its business operations within its new corporate headquarters. The IT Team, headed by Richard Ames, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, designed the new headquarters to an approved TNK-BP standard   The overall solution was selected for the project to provide a state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure that included a real-time intelligent management solution for reporting, tracking and maintaining 100% accurate records of all moves, adds and changes to the network.

TNK-BP chose the LANconnect 5e UTP structured cabling to provide the majority of the cabling infrastructure. In addition, there were planned links that were deemed susceptible to possible electromagnetic interference. In these locations TNK-BP installed shielded solutions to provide a robust and reliable connection. 

Flexibility and Robustness

It was TNK-BP's stated intention from day one of the project that the installed communications infrastructure would comprise a fully guaranteed and warranted intelligent structured cabling system. This was required to meet TNK-BP’s immediate and future needs, minimising the provision of future bespoke or ad-hoc cabling. The combination of LANconnect unshielded and shielded twisted pair systems provided the most flexible and robust solution since both solutions used identical panels to support the unshielded and shielded connectors.   The Arbat Centre is a modern, state-of-the-art building with raised floors on all levels. All under floor cabling is housed in wire race-ways of 300mm width to support large volume 24-way bundled copper cable on each of the six floors. Each desk location is serviced by sub-floor 4-way RJ-45 Category 5e outlets to support ample voice, and data communications. Each of the floors are designed with open plan offices and due to the size it was determined in the design to divide each floor into two cabling zones, each floor with it’s own horizontal distribution unit services on average 500 UTP Category 5e cables. 

Cabling Infrastructure 

The building's core communications infrastructure design consists of: 

  • 400 Kms of Low Smoke screened and unscreened copper cable
  • 12,000 voice and data outlets
  • 600 copper patch panels
  • 300 high performance OM2 multimode fibres linking each floor.
  • Intelligent management platform expandable to support 18,000 LANsense ports

"The new headquarters office was a significant investment for TNK-BP, we chose LANconnect structured cabling systems and the LANsense management platform to support our existing and future needs due to its quality, reliability and overall performance,"   Richard Ames, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, TNK-BP.

Future proofed solutions 

The horizontal copper cable is capable of supporting future data rates of up to 1 G/bps to the desk and the fibre supporting up to 10G/bps on the backbone network.   The LANsense management platform is upgradeable to provide enhanced network security and asset management with its embedded phsyical layer tracking and monitoring. 

Real-time accurate information 

"We chose LANSense as the intelligent management platform due to its capability of providing us with real-time information on the physical network layout. The system provides us with accurate information and allows us to effectively plan moves, adds and changes with minimal  disruption to the business.  Furthermore, similar functionality, has been implemented in our other existing sites across Moscow enabling us to manage the entire infrastructure from a single point,"  said Richard Ames.

Multi-location Intelligent Management 

All of the TNK-BP offices in Moscow are linked via high performance OS-1 fibre links with a total of 26,000 lines being managed by LANsense. 

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